Upcoming events / conferences at the Hotel LePatio

As many of you know, our Hotel is one of the best experiences which is why many companies choose to host their annual company events as well as conferences here. We’ve already given you a ton of reasons why you should choose us, and the fact that we’re hosting so many wonderful events this year is proof that so many companies trust us to put on a great time for them and their employees. Just to keep you updated, we have a full end of summer schedule as well as a full spring and winter because it’s warm here year round.

The events

the Aspiring Professional Wrestling Group Meet up (Dec 2-5). This is a group of aspiring, underground type wrestlers that are trying to make it big. Some of them are amateurs trying to make it into the big show like the WWE, but also, some others are trying to make it to the local stage as a professional, just as it was back in the day before the WWF (now WWE) took over on an international level. This is a strange group of men and women, and they don’t even have a website cause they are so underground, but at this event, they will be teaching, demonstrating, and networking. We hosted them last year and it was a crazy fun time!

The Solar Combines- by a solar fresno ca company- Infinity Energy (Nov 15). Infinity puts on these events all over the place that they call ‘combines,’ a play on the NFL scouting combine to recruit the best talent that they can in the solar industry. They show examples of current sales reps making a ton of money, and do some training right there on the spot. The more door to door sales reps they can get, the better chance they have of making more money. We’re excited to host them for the first time this year.

The Regional Circus Group (Nov 1-4). This is the annual shareholders meeting for a private company, the Regional Circus group. They are competitors with some of the largest circus show in the world (even though their name would otherwise fool you), but they get together at our hotel to do an end of the fiscal year party and celebrate their successes. There’s all kinds of people from all walks of life that come in from this group as you can imagine as circus actors are different breed. But seeing them interact with the executives of the companies is pretty cool too, cause you’ll see both ends of the economic spectrum just by serving them food and hosting them. It’s a lot of fun and we hope to do a great job so they’ll come around and come back next year!


Reasons to stay at the Hotel LePatio

We know that picking the right hotel can make or break your trip. That’s why we decide to convey as much information as we possibly could about staying with us when it comes to reasons why you should stay with us.

Reason #1: Clean

Of course, our hotel has been rated some of the cleanest on Expedia.com. Our customers love staying with us because there are other hotels in the area that don’t do half a good of a job as we do. In fact, we have over 50% more full time cleaning staff than our next competitor, but that’s not even the best part. We basically guarantee that if you want somethign cleaned, we’ll do it right away. No questions asked. How’s that for some seriously squeaky clean customer service?

Reason #2: Fun things to do

As we wrote about in our previous blog post, there’s a ton of cool things to do around here.

We mentioned things like:

  • skydiving
  • kayaking
  • swimming with sharks and dolphins
  • shamanic healing
  • walking up to the mountain tops and going on hikes
  • other water sports
  • DVD rentals
  • and pool tables just to name a few of the fun things to do around our hotel Le Patio

Gotta love that!

Reason #3 Friendly Staff

We offer a DISNEY like experience at our “resorts”. We go above and beyond average customer service and invest a ton in our customer experience. Our staff will learn your name and you will feel right at home and comfortable as soon as you step foot in our hotel. Read More

Fun things to do around the hotel

There are a lot of great things to do around this hotel. You can read about them in this post which we’ve compiled for all of our guests. The first thing to do is swimming. Since were not too far away from the ocean, as well as a multitude of lakes and rivers, you can do some rafting or just chilling out by one of the bodies of water. You can enjoy many many watersports such as:

  • Boating
  • Jetskis ( we have 2016 Kawasaki edition to rent if you’d like)
  • personal watercrafts
  • hang gliding
  • surfing
  • bodyboarding
  • snorkeling
  • scuba diving
  • fishing

That’s one of the reasons people choose to stay with us and we really like being close to all of this water. And it helps with how much rain we get because were not in a drought and we are able to replenish our waterways constantly. Another fun thing to do is to take nature hikes. Nature hikes are all around our hotel. And they don’t cost anything. There are some unbelievably beautiful rest taking scenes from some of the walking path that you can walk on. And you can get all kinds of sunshine and fresh air for health benefits. So you don’t have to really even worry about not being active here.

With all the things do to (outside alone) you shouldn’t even need to do anything inside. But we do have

  • onside movie theater
  • minigolf
  • arcades
  • online gaming stations
  • indoor gym
  • indoor driving range
  • indoor pools and saunas
  • massage therapists
  • in house spa

In case you’re not much of an ourdoors person. So whichever one you are, you can enjoy all that we have to offer here at the Hotel, and as always, please ask one of our friendly staff any questions you may have to enjoy your stay to the most amount possible!

Different Room offerings of Hotel LePatio

We have a bunch of different rooms to stay in the hotel patio. We have our master suite. That consists of a master little dining area and small kitchen. Those are mostly for traveling people to stay for a weekend more or executives. Every room is equiped with it’s on TV, bathroom, and shower, as well as a couch and WiFi that’s complimentary and coffeemaker and iron.

We have our single rooms, we just have a single bed. Double queen room, which is more fordable because two people can sleep in it and share. And then we have our grandmaster room. That includes everything that our master suite contains, except for it has a jacuzzi in it. And we also have our flower rooms, which are basically very well designed for children and married people. So that’s pretty cool.

We also have our submarine room. And that’s obviously for the boy boy guess correct to say general gender neutral person that has a penis born with testicles although the place, and resembles that of which used to be previously known as a submarine. So the kids get to sleep and dryer for bed. Do you get my drift, it’s so much fun to stay in our hotel when you’re a kid.

And then we have the honey room suite which is very similar to a honeymoon suite but we have our own little twist on it. We modeled it after the Vatican’s architecture actually, and combined it with some Spanish textures in there too. There’s all kinds of great features and we hope if you decide to come stay with us anytime you want at the hotel le Patio. We have filtered water features that we are right next to the beach and that we do have freshwater and our hotel. Not every hotel can say that they filled their water with the reverse osmosis filters with this one,but we pride ourselves in hygiene and cleanliness.

We are proud to be the best hotel in the area and we take pride in serving our patrons!

Hoetel Lapatio Blog

Hey Guys! Sharon Here and there are tons of fun things to do in and around the the LaPatio Hotel, aka the Hotel Lapatio.

if you need a great place to stay, stay with us. We host weddings, barmitzvahs, afterparties and everything in between. If you’re planning an event, here’s a few tips to stay organized:

Of course, you’ll want to be organized if you’re planning an event and hopefully that will help you do just that.

So anyways, I’m sharon, the administrator of this site and I’ll be writing some articles about what you can do around the hotel. I’ll help you navigate your way around our area so you can have the best stay possible. Please enjoy and let us know how we can best serve you!